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Screaming at Stars (Short Film) Stills

On one of their first dates, Lilly and Craig gaze up at the night sky. With passion and romance Craig tells Lilly about star light, how the mere act of looking into the cosmos is a kind of transcendence. Craig a brilliant young scientist will soon be embarking on a another kind of transcendence. He has discovered how to travel to parallel dimensions. The achievement proves to be quite lucrative and the young couple find themselves basking in newfound affluence. Good looking, romantic, funny, and now wealthy; Craig is the man of Lilly’s dreams. But as Craig spends more time working on his interdimensional traveling device, his habits, demeanour, and even his memories begin to change. She begins to question if the person sleeping next to her at night is the same Craig she fell in love with. Is it the same Craig at all? As Lilly desperately tries to understand what reality her boyfriend is now in, she becomes lonely and isolated, loosing sense of her own. Lilly’s tormenting thoughts and Craig’s apathy toward her fears, force Lilly to question everything she knows about her boyfriend, herself, love and existence.

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