Screaming At Stars (A short film by Justin Bratton)
Screaming at Stars

An award winning dystopian sci-fi thriller directed by Richie Moore and written by Justin Bratton. The film follows a young women, Lily played by Libby Jennings, who must come to terms with what the effects of her boyfriend's occupation are on their relatioinship, herself, and the world.  This short is currently being adapted in into a feature film.

There Once Was A Girl

A man's writer's block seems to get the best of him in this stabby little short fashiony film noir short film. 

I'm Listening

In this experimental film noir - horror short film, a young women (Cassandra Silver) attempts to drown out a mysterious voice by listening to music. However her headphones can't drown out the harsh truths the voice speaks as she begins to realise she is trapped. Her only way out is to take action.


Cupid is a dark contemporary  narrative combining ancient Greek and Roman Mythologies.   The protagonist, Cupid, brashly visits the underworld to talk with the powerful and short-tempered Hades about his desire to change love.  The conversation between the two deities has more than it's share of twists and turns. 

Petals and Thorns

A man’s black rose, his protector in a now tormented life; can only be nourished by the pain he holds in his afflicted blood.  While feeding his patron flower, he recites a poem in remembrance of where his misery stems from.   As he visualizes the moment he murdered his unfaithful lover, he reenacts the bedeviled memory in a surreal world of his own making, seemingly for the rose’s own amusement.

the princess A.jpg
The Princess

The Princess is psychedelic thriller about a young women searching for the truth.